Monday, March 16, 2009

The Way Back Machine

We recently moved to Narberth, PA.  So the trauma of moving was fresh on my mind when I painted this piece. Saying goodbye to all the things that are comfortable background to your day to day is tough. We moved every couple years when I was a kid, it was bittersweet, nauseating and exciting all at once. 

That led me to thinking about the hulking, diesel guzzling, station wagons my family tended to own.  And getting high on the exhaust in the seatbelt-less way back. 

I got a call from Blue Q. (Makers of the Dirty Girl line among others)  They wanted to use this piece for a zippered pouch, and asked if I could add type to it. Top is the Before and Bottom image is the After. Can't wait to see the bags when they hit the stores in July.

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