Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Spent two very rewarding nights in Greg Pizzoli's studio and the end result of our labor was this poster. The official PA ONE BOOK SNORING EXPRESS 2012 TOUR poster modeled by Oskar.

Hand silk screened in four colors, this is the Miami Vice Edition. (Pretty sure I had a pair of JAMS in 8th grade that were this exact color palette and definitely got me noticed at Canobie Lake Park.) 12.5" X19" Limited to 150 copies.
 I'll be giving these to Libraries and Schools that are hosting me during the Tour and probably put up a few for sale on my site. Below are a couple process shots.
Huge thanks to the Doctor for all his expertise, blood, sweat and tears.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Some spots for Baltimore Magazine an article on the Best jobs and careers to have in this crappy economy.
 (L to R)
Hair Stylist, Advertising Exec, Personal Trainer, Programmer, Lawyer, and CEO

Not exactly surprising is it?

Wait a minnit?! I'm none of these!