Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sage Variations

Last summer I designed a 14 foot high sign for a new store in Long Island City called Sage General Store. They buy all their ingredients from little farms upstate and New England.
They wanted to reflect this in the signage, with primitive style, hand painted type. Kind of the stuff you might see at roadside fruit stands in rural areas.
Painting something that was 14 foot high was an interesting change from the way I normally make work. Usually it is small enough to scan and send digitally.
I used to work at a small sign shop in San Francisco before I did illustration, so this was kind of coming full circle.
Here are a couple variations that aren't the final design of some of the sign parts. Click on the link (Post title above) to see the final version and if you are in Long Island City, stop by for lunch.

Oh, and I learned that grunts, buckles and slumps are all kinds of cobblers...who knew?

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  1. And I like this a lot. Glad you like my boobies...Love your booby too. Bernard is brill.

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