Monday, November 5, 2012


In an affort to fight off cabin fever during the Frankenstorm, Oskar and I made these wallets out of painted paper and cellophane tape. 

He and Teddy have become big TMNT fans so he wanted a Raphael wallet, Teddy's Michaelangelo wallet is in the works and in between, I made a Nilson and Amelia wallet, just cause.
The happy Nilsson wallet, for when he's nice and full of cash. But when its empty you get this guy.
Fortunately in the middle  you have Amelia to remind you to not have a fit.

It's been fun to see the guys getting into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was a little old for the real explosion of the Turtles in the 90's but I did get into the B+W comics from the late 80's. I even got to meet Eastman and Laird at one point. It was extra cool that they were from New Hampshire close to where I grew up. And they inspired me to start a short lived (thankfully) rip-off of TMNT and Sergio Aragones Groo the Wanderer that I called, ahem... Sly the Slaying Samurai Snail.
As it happens, a few weeks ago at a Memorial Service for my Grandmother my Aunt gave me a package of old stuff I had sent my Grandmother over the years and it included the first 2 pager comic of of Sly. Here it is in all its ball pen, unoriginal glory.

YIKES! That is Terrible.
In hind site it seems pretty obvious that I would be obsessed with Monty Python's The Holy Grail within a year or so of making this drivel.

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  1. Yes, all of the above is awesomeness. I love the narrative for your samurai snail!