Friday, October 26, 2012

SOI 28

It's no secret that I love Richard Scarry. And when I was asked for a quote for the SOI Original Art Show that I was on the jury for, I gave them this.
And I had no idea that they were honoring Mr. Scarry with an Lifetime Achievement Award!
Getting to see some Original Art from "I'm a Bunny" was like seeing my own Shroud of Turin.
Amazing and delicate brush work! I just want to live inside Busytown, those characters just make me happy, they give me good memories of reading books at my Grandmother's house and also playing with Puzzletown (see pic below) at my cousin's house.

2 years ago I managed to get a couple of these sets off Ebay for Teddy and Oskar, ok I admit and for me too! So much fun but man they are pricey!

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