Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This is a cover job I did over the summer for Clarion Books. The cover sketch they picked was the one I hoped they would and remained unchanged with the exception of some color changes to the type.
This is the first YA cover I've done and when they sent me the MS I was hooked and read the whole thing overnight. I forgot how much fun the genre is, I enjoyed reading books like this when I was a little too young and I enjoyed it being a lot too old.

It's the story of a kid who is schizophrenic and stops taking his meds.
He hears voices but a new one has emerged, a girl. Just as a real girl at school also starts to talk to him. Fascinating story by Edward Averett, looking forward to seeing this in person. Special thanks to SD Kerry Martin.

Below are the other sketches I sent in. Including a softer color palette version of the one they did pick.

                          And Lastly, the one wraparound idea with a little surprise/teaser.


  1. Hi there! I am a children's librarian in Ohio. I just wanted to tell you that we got an advance reader's copy of Cameron and the Girls and I picked it up solely because of how drawn I was to the cover art. Not only was I drawn to it but so was everyone else who saw it. Every time I set the book down, someone else in the room picked it up and asked, "What's this? This looks interesting." I have a lot of YA fiction passing through my hands on a daily basis, and my eyes get tired pretty easily, so when I find myself so attracted to a book cover that I can't bear to put it on the shelf without opening it up, it's a really big deal to me! I especially like that Cameron's head is actually physically being invaded by the two other personalities on the cover.

    Wonderfully, wonderfully done.

  2. I'm at Ed's book launch this very moment. The cover is compelling...looks amazing.

    1. The entire crowd is loving the cover. They adore it. Well done!