Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Oskar with Plane Design #1

We are deep into the dog days of summer here and Oskar and I are starting (and hopefully finishing) projects left and right. Some of them are picture books in a day and others are slightly more esoteric.
On Lydia's birthday we took a day trip to Lambertville without the little guys to sniff around some old junk and bookstores and Lydia found this great book of Paper airplanes.

Oskar with Plane Design #14

 It has designs for 20 planes that were winners in the first International Airplane Design competition. They are usually entered by engineers and aerodynamics types, often on graph or tracing paper. They are beautiful and some are quite intricate. Oskar and I are going to attempt to build everyone of them before summers end. We started with Plane #1 and Plane #14.

I will post more as we make them this week.

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