Tuesday, April 3, 2012


One of my lifelong dreams was fulfilled last week thanks to the Lancaster Librarians. Getting behind the wheel of a Bookmobile! I thought it was to be a quiet civilized lunch until this rolled up.
For me, when the bookmobile rolled up to my school, it was better than when Santa showed up...and way better than Officer Friendly. Although the Hot Dots were pretty cool. Anyone remember those? Little orange reflective dots to put on your shoes and clothes to help drivers see you on the way home?
Noticing the PA address system and pleading that one of the librarians use it.
I was hoping that one of them would Shssh! someone in the parking lot.
Behind the wheel!
After a Hunger Games discussion and a delicious lunch.
Adamstown Library 
Ms. Jan commands the crowd.

Huge thanks to the Lancaster Librarian's for a great day!


  1. Bookmobiles rule!!! I am so jealous of you right now...

  2. When I was a kid the one that came to my kindergarten had an entrance in front and an exit near the back, and I swear it had like a spiral-ish staircase going out the door.
    My dream was to grow up and be a Bookmobile driver. Suppose it's not too late right?

  3. Its never too late. If you can dream it, you can do it. Keep hope alive! Just do it. Eye on the prize! Just give it 110%. (Have I inspired you enough, yet?)

  4. You have all the makings of a true "Bookmobile Dude."


    Bookmobile guy

  5. Thanks Ed....that means a lot from a guy who has his name painted by the handle of the Bookmobile Door.....really...I'm gonna take you guys up on your offer to "ride shotgun" one of these days.