Sunday, March 18, 2012


A couple pictures from the Upper Merion Library reading event a few weeks ago. The Upper Merion Library was an especially fun place to start as it is the hometown library of my wife Lydia Ricci. She wrote and illustrated a three children's books in elementary school that all won the annual school contest and were made into books that still reside in this library today. 
Her books "Herbie and the Land of the Untouchables" the follow-up adventure "When Rainbows Fade" and "Nervous is spelled L-I-N-D-A" were in this library 25 years before Bernard. It was a lot of fun and special thanks to Jeanne Kauffman (that's her in the mauve sweater) for organizing everything and making me feel comfortable.
Reading the book with a little help on the snores from my friend Emma.
The drawing demo threatened to get out of hand as the kids asked for animals that I obviously didn't know how to draw.
Fortunately there were otter crafts and goldfish snacks to keep everyone entertained while I signed books.
It was a great start to the PA One Book program and I thank the staff of Upper Merion Library for putting together a great event. I hope to come back soon!

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  1. This looks like a great event--it's amazing to see so many families engaged around this fantastic book!