Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ok. It's a Two-fer. Like those bargain bin cassettes you stole from Tape World at the mall back in 87.

A double post about Narberth.
VOTE FOR SURGE! He wants to help make Narberth even better. Plus, I did his campaign sign. Email him if you would like one for your yard. Details on his website.

I am also committing to a 15-20 minute daily sketch of different buildings in "downtown" Narberth. A good exercise while Oskar eats a cats tongue from the French Bakery.


  1. SO great. Can't wait to have one of these signs on my front yard...and maybe we'll just leave it there after the election.

    I was tempted by the cat's tongues this evening, but instead went for a macaroon.

  2. Thanks! Oskar loves the cats tongues....So much that he throws himself on the ground if we don't go in.

  3. hey man, awesome blog! Alex sent me the link. love the new kids book paintings. we miss you here at the pfc

  4. I am curious...what's a cats tongue... my cats tongue is a litte bit rough... but here we have lovely 'stroopwafels'...

    I love your black and white drawing of the hardware store. The gloves give a nice pattern. So thats a full line in 'English'! ahem. ;-)

  5. A cats tongue is a little sugar cookie that is oblong and kind of looks like a short tongue depressor or a long wooden water ice spoon and it also kind of looks like a cats tongue when they yawn.

  6. Love the sign. Can't wait to display ours on our dog crap-infested lawn. The Ricklin's sketch is great--have you done others from town or is this the first? It'd make a cool "visit narberth" postcard series.